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LNBFs & Passive Array Feeds

LNBFs & Passive Array Feeds

Linear Signal’s LNBFs and Passive Array Feeds (PAFs) replace standard metal feed horns with small, low cost, high performance planar arrays made of RF PCB (Radio Frequency Printed Circuit Board).  Unlike the old, standard feed horn, Linear Signal’s PAFs can create separate fixed beams for Rx and Tx allowing gain and ASI to be optimized.

These PAFs can be integrated perfectly with an LNB (LNBF) or with a transceiver. This technology eliminates or replaces a standard horn, waveguide connectors, polarizer, an isolator, an OMT or orthomode transducer, a diplexer, bandpass reject filters, waveguide connectors, etc.

How is Linear Signal’s Technology Better?

Our PAFs are smaller and lighter. They have better gain and lower ASI. And if the PAF itself is not cheaper than a horn, the PAF will provide advantages that allow for either or both of total system savings or on-going cost of operations savings. Further, because there are multiple antenna elements within each PAF that are directly integrated onto the same PCB as the core antenna electronics, we can more easily and inexpensively add smarter functionality in the feed.

A couple of business cases:

  • Ku band PAF can offer precise tracking information to an ACU/receiver for much faster and more accurate tracking in SNG or marine VSAT. Or use this feed to help a “normal” ACU to perfectly track an inclined satellite
  • WGS X-band feed assembly for man-pack antenna using a PAF can be 20 to 40 lbs lighter and 40x smaller.

Shown Above: Linear Signal’s Passive Array Feed and Patch Antennas

Our LNBFs and PAFs offer the following benefits compared to traditional feed horns:

  • Huge size and weight reduction
  • Lower feed or assembly cost, TCO
  • No feed horn, OMT/polarizer, waveguides/filters needed
  • No seam constructions
  • Separate, optimized beam patterns for Tx and Rx
  • 30 db to 60 db isolation built in isolation before filter adds to electronics
  • Strong axial ratios
  • Tx Power – 1W to 250W
  • Feeds available in Ku, Ka, X, C, S and L bands

To Learn More…

See our White Papers section for product specifications or contact us today to learn how Linear Signal’s LNBFs and Passive Array Feeds can improve the performance and functionality of traditional reflector satellite TV antennas.

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