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Beamforming Chips

Ad-A-Beam™ — Low Cost Beamforming RFICs

Linear Signal’s patents pending Ad-A-Beam family of chips perform Adaptive Analog Beamforming for broadband wireless beamformed antenna applications. Ad-A-Beam reduces costs up to 20 times by replacing expensive digital signal processing (DSP) or traditional phase shifting components, with a novel solution using standard IC fabrication methods.

Ad-A-Beam can be a valuable part of any low cost beamforming application, but is particularly valuable in heavy data streams such as video or broadband internet and/or in applications leveraging numerous antenna elements and/or numerous concurrent beams.

The earliest applications will focus on SATCOM and radar applications, particularly for in-motion and mobile platforms. These applications are typically both broadband and multi-antenna, sometimes with hundreds or thousands of antenna elements.

The Ad-A-Beam™ Architecture

The integrated adaptive analog beamforming architecture includes individual digital phase and amplitude control in each of 8 beamforming channels. For flexibility in handling universal polarization applications, the beamformer is divided into two independent four channel blocks. Each chipset consists of an eight-input receive beamformer chip with integrated low noise amplifiers and an eight-output transmit beamformer chip with integrated power amplifiers.

The Ad-A-Beam™ Product Family

Ku Band Receive – 8 Channels (2×4) at 10Ghz to 13Ghz

Ku Band Transmit – 8 Channels (2×4) at 12Ghz to 15Ghz

Ka Band Receive – 8 Channels (2×4) at 17Ghz to 23Ghz

Ka Band Transmit – 8 Channels (2×4) at 27Ghz to 31Ghz

LSCX Bands Receive – 8 Channel (2×4) at 0.8Ghz to 12Ghz

LSCX Bands Transmit – 8 Channel (2×4) at 0.8Ghz to 12Ghz

Custom Chip Design/Build

Linear Signal chip designs can be augmented with customer’s private IP Block libraries—or customers may contract with Linear Signal to produce custom chips from our existing IP sub-blocks or from scratch.  See our White Papers section for product specifications.

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