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Greg Mockett

President and Founder

Greg oversees the daily operations of Linear Signal as it launches its first products. Greg’s needs/vision for the company combined with his unique lean startup entrepreneurial skill set are central to Linear Signal’s ability to build a “20 million startup” on a fraction of that amount. Greg is a multi patent- applied-for web software and internet protocol television(IPTV) entrepreneur who turned his attentions to satellite antenna technologies to solve an IPTV Headend need. Greg has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge products from concept to launch as a founder of numerous companies, including Orangatango, acquired by iEntertainment Corporation, and ICentral, Inc., acquired by Open Market, Inc. While at Orangatango, Greg became a leading authority on market driven internet privacy, consulting US Senators and Congressmen. At ICentral, Greg designed a unique “shrinkwrap” strategy for the ShopSite™ eCommerce storefront engine, making the product a first in internet channel marketing. Greg is a graduate of Brigham Young University.

Dr. Karl F. Warnick

Cheif Scientist and Founder

Karl invented the core adaptive analog beamforming technologies at the heart of Linear Signal’s Ad-A-Beam™ family of semiconductor products and leads Linear Signal’s smart antenna technologies development. Karl is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Brigham Young University. He and his colleagues at BYU are world leaders in smart antenna (array and array feed) technologies for radio astronomy—which has many similar problems to those confronting SatCom. Their antennas have been installed on some of the world’s largest antennas including NRAO facilities in Green Bank and Arecibo. Dr. Warnick is an expert in low noise, high gain antenna technologies and in beamforming algorithms. Karl is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of Illinois at Champaign where he completed his PhD.

Matt Romney

VP of Engineering

Matt heads Linear Signal’s RFIC development group with responsibilities for design, fabrication, packaging and test. He also contributes significantly in the development of our Planar Array-LNBF products. Before joining Linear Signal, Matt was an R&D IC Design Engineer and Chip Lead with Avago Technologies where he designed GaAs HBT power amplifiers for the wireless handset market. At RFMD, he worked on wireless transceiver RFIC’s in SiGe and CMOS. Matt started his career with Hughes Aircraft Solid-State Microwave group where he was engaged in GaAs MMIC design for radar applications. He received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineer from the University of Utah and his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineer from the University of Southern California. Matt holds two patents in power amplifier and transceiver design techniques.